philosophy about wedding photography by toronto wedding photographer corina van sluytman


I BELIEVE in natural LIGHT & BEAUTY and that we are always surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty every day, we just need to have open eyes and hearts to see and appreciate it. My goal is to capture your own natural beauty as a Couple as well as the beauty of your Wedding Day!

I am a hopeless Romantic…I BELIEVE in TRUE and ENDURING LOVE, my Husband proposed to me after just 6 months of dating but when you know you found someone special you just KNOW!  Now 14 years, 2 kids, 1 dog, bunny and hamster later we are still each others’ #1 Fan.

I have experienced TRUE LOVE and I recognize it, as a Wedding Photography I strive to document it for my Couples. I know that you have experienced TRUE LOVE as well because you said “YES” to your Soulmate and are now about embark on the exciting next step of Marriage!

I BELIEVE that Paris is the most romantic city in the world and no matter how many times you visit there is always another gorgeous building, garden or chocolate croissant for you to discover.

More than anything, I BELIEVE that together we can create beautiful fine art imagery that’s elegant and romantic for you and future generations to cherish.