Good photographers can create beautiful images under almost any circumstance. However there are a few things you as the bride or groom can do while planning your wedding to help us get the best possible images your special day.

1) Allow plenty of time for group portraits and — more importantly — portraits of the two of you alone. We recommend setting aside *at least* 2 hours for your portraits. Ideally, 1 hour will be spent on family and wedding party formals, leaving the other hour for wandering around getting stunning images of the two of you by yourselves.

2) If your wedding is later in the day, consider seeing each other before the ceremony. Late afternoon is by far the best time for portraits, when the light is all pretty and glowy and the sun isn’t harsh. If you’re having a sunset ceremony and wait until after to take portraits, you’ll risk losing all the nice light. Besides, arranging for some “first look” photos can be super romantic.

3) Most of all, just enjoy your day in the spotlight. Even if you don’t normally like having your picture taken, just relax and smile and soak it up on your wedding day. You won’t regret it!